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Every year there are over 200 Stillbirths and neonatal deaths as well as more than 1800 documented miscarriages in the Calgary area. All of our members have also suffered the tragic loss of a baby.




For information about the upcoming meeting, or to leave a message to speak with a parent volunteer, please call 403-944-2209. THIS IS A VOICE MAIL SERVICE.

H.E.A.R.T.S group in Red Deer
Phone: (403) 309-4344 ext. 105

For those in the Canmore / Banff area
please click here for more
information on the
Bow Valley Self Help Group

**We have not had a very efficient method of getting the books we lend out back to our library and this has led to a shortage of books now available. You don't have to come to a meeting to return your books anymore. Please return your library books and clearly mark them as Caring Beyond on the front or in an envelope and drop them off in the wooden return bin located just inside the front doors of the Women's Health Grace Centre. We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter so other grieving parents are able to benefit from this important resource. Thanks!!!

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Cuddled In Heaven
We had so little time to share,
Too soon I had to leave.
I know how much you love me,
I know how much you grieve.

I know how sharp your pain is ,
I feel the aching in your hearts.
My life so quickly ended
Before it barely had a start.

I remember how you loved me,
And kissed my face and hands,
You cuddled me so gently,
But, God had other plans.

I was your perfect angel,
From God you knew I came,
Suddenly he called me home again,
Now God holds my hand.

I know you'll always miss me,
I understand your pain is hard to bear,
Just remember that I'm in heaven
And we'll see each other there.

So smile when you think of me,
and wipe away all of your tears.
I'm cuddle now in heaven
By our family members here.

I'm waiting here in heaven,
And on the day we meet again
I'll be the first to smile and greet you,
When God calls you home to him.

In memory of:
Gabrielle Rose Mouland Stillborn February 5, 2008 at 26 weeks

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