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My Child
Well… something bad in the world must be going on because it seems that God needed y…

Author: Unknownposted on: Jul 01 2009
When will I stop missing you? When will I stop asking why? When will I stop hurting? W…

Author: Unknownposted on: Jan 31 2009
Little Snowdrop
The world may never notice 
 If a Snowdrop doesn’t bloom, 
 Or even pause to wonder 

Author: Unknownposted on: Nov 26 2008
A Mother’s Prayer/ Affirmation After Miscarriage
In this time of loss I call upon my spirit within to guide me to my strength so that I…

Author: Unknownposted on: Oct 07 2008
Little Footprints
How very softly You tiptoed into my world, Almost silently, Only a moment you stayed. …

Author: Unknownposted on: Aug 27 2008
Cuddled In Heaven
We had so little time to share, Too soon I had to leave. I know how much you love me…

Author: Charlotte Collinsposted on: Mar 06 2008
Little Angels
When God calls little children To dwell with Him above; We mortals sometime questio…

Author: Unknownposted on: Jan 10 2008
The Tiny Rosebud
The Master Gardener From heaven above Planted a seed In the garden of love. An…

Author: Helen Stiner Riceposted on: Jan 09 2008
I wonder, Oh I wonder
I wonder, Oh I wonder, where the little faces go. That come and smile and stay awhile…

Author: Unknownposted on: Dec 18 2007